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Although what you are about to see is a work of fiction
it should nevertheless be played at maximum volume.

Interests (150):

ada lovelace, alfred hitchcock, armstrong & miller, arthur rimbaud, bach, bad pop music, ballet shoes, baudelaire, beethoven, billy elliot, billy wilder, black mirror, blur, brahms, cats, charlie brooker, charlotte bronte, children's books, chopin, code name verity, costume dramas, david bowie, degas, divine comedy, dracula, e.e. cummings, edgar allan poe, edna st. vincent millay, emily bronte, england, fairytales, fantasy, firefly, fleet foxes, folk tales, fran├žois truffaut, gay fictional bankrobbers, ghost stories, glam rock, hannibal, hats, hawksley workman, his dark materials, history, horrible histories, horror, indigo girls, inventing words, james stewart, jan pienkowski, janis joplin, jeff buckley, joe, john keats, julian barnes, julian barratt, kate bush, katharine hepburn, king charles, knitting, lace, le petit prince, leonard cohen, lillian gish, lord byron, louise brooks, luther, m.r. james, marc bolan, marianne faithfull, martha wainwright, mary pickford, mary shelley, matilda, matthew bourne, mcfly, melodrama, michael palin, mighty boosh, millais, monty python, music hall, mythology, narnia, nathan barley, noel fielding, noel streatfeild, oscar wilde, paul newman, paul verlaine, photography, piano, picasso, pretentious french poetry, pulp, quentin blake, rachmaninoff, rimbaud/verlaine, roald dahl, robin hood, romania, rossetti, rufus wainwright, sally mann, samuel taylor coleridge, scotland, scott walker, sherlock holmes, shirley hughes, short stories, shostakovich, silent movies, space, spike milligan, still crazy, stockholm syndrome, stompy boots, supernatural, suzi quatro, swashbuckling, take that, tattoos, tchaikovsky, tea, tenor recorder, terry gilliam, the book thief, the clash, the phantom tollbooth, the walking dead, the young ones, tim minchin, tom waits, vampires, velvet goldmine, veronica lake, vienna teng, violin, wales, waterhouse, william blake, william shakespeare, william wordsworth, wind on fire, withnail & i, writing, wuthering heights, yorkshire accents, ziggy stardust, zombies
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