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Hello! I'm Deepdarkwaters on Ao3 and Tumblr and ambrotypes on Twitter for any recip-stalking needs.

Short version: I'm easy to please and happy to be completely surprised, as long as you don't include the couple of DNWs mentioned below. If you've got something in mind already then do it your way! These are just suggestions - I will honestly love anything about these people and settings.

General fic loves: (probably not applicable to every fandom requested, but just so you've got an overview of some of the things I enjoy reading in whatever combination) worldbuilding/exploration of the canon world; dialogue; description (especially of hair, hands, and clothing); competence; petty arguments; unreliable narrators; misunderstandings; found families; really old comfy friendships; really old comfy friendships that accidentally/unexpectedly become more; clumsy inappropriate humour; backstories; melancholy; loonngg dragged out UST that feels like it'll never end and then ENDS GLORIOUSLY; awkward imperfect sex where everyone's still having the best time ever; intense physical fight scenes; huge scale destruction; ridiculous things played completely straight for comedy purposes; kissing; when penetrative sex isn't the only type considered 'real' sex.

Please no: noncon, anything to do with judicial execution, hanging of any kind.

Crossover Fandom

Hermione Granger/Matilda Wormwood

I can't get over the idea of a sort of AU where they're childhood friends who meet in the big kids' section of the library and later both discover they can move things with their minds, but I've never been able to figure out what happens next so thought I'd request it here in case anyone else can run with it. Does Matilda end up going to Hogwarts with Hermione in this world? Or does Hogwarts not exist and Hermione's powers come from the same place as Matilda's, with their incredible intelligence not being pushed hard enough? Either way, how are their adventures changed by having a friend so similar to them to help out? Or what happens if Hermione's powers are witch magic so she gets to go to Hogwarts, but Matilda's are some kind of scientific telekinesis so she's left in muggle school? What changes between them? When Matilda's given harder work to do and loses her powers while Hermione works and works with her powers just getting stronger, does that cause tension in their relationship, or is Matilda happy to be a fifteen year old with a PhD and a magical girlfriend?

Hermione Granger/Mildred Hubble

The idea of the best witch at one school and the supposedly "worst" witch at another meeting and getting together is just too beautiful. AU where Miss Cackle's Academy was one of the schools involved in the Triwizard Tournament? Some kind of schools penpals project? Hermione and Mildred meet by chance somewhere during the school holidays and become friends? Or something set later - do they both work at the Ministry, or live in the same magical community? There's a pretty huge tone difference between the two series, The Worst Witch is way much more lighthearted and simplistic than Harry Potter, but they still have so much in common and it would be fun to see them fitting together somehow.

Victoria Winslow (RED)/Harry Hart (Kingsman)

I ship this pairing SO HARD. The characters are both so effortlessly competent at everything they do and there's something so similar about their beautifully efficient fighting styles - look at Harry in the church and Victoria shooting out of both car windows in Red 2. Imagine Kingsman & MI6 having to work together for whatever reason and the two of them team up, imagine what a spectacular fight that would be. SWOON. Romance/smut-wise, I'm super into the age difference, and the idea of dom Victoria/adoring starry-eyed younger Harry if that appeals. Whether it's 20 year old Harry running like a puppy after 35 year old Victoria or they're 50 and 65, I don't mind, I've just become a bit obsessed with the idea of them together at any point in their lives being gorgeous and competent and enthusiastically into each other. First time? FWBs? Love? I don't mind, just more Victoria/Harry that I don't have to write myself, please!

Victoria Winslow (RED)/M (James Bond - Dench)

I would sell my soul for Victoria/Olivia M at any point throughout their careers. Any rating, any setting, I just want competent brilliant MI6 women hopefully with bonus kissing. Have they known each other the whole time? It's plausible that Olivia started working there in the mid-50s and Victoria in the mid-60s going by the actors' ages - is that what happened, or did they start later? What was it like for them back then? Were they friends immediately? Enemies? Victoria became a spy before Olivia became M - what was their relationship like then, and what changed when Olivia became Victoria's boss? Did she have anything to do with the orders to shoot Ivan?

Victoria Winslow (RED)/Roxy Morton (Kingsman)

I looooove huge age difference pairings and would sell my soul for a sort of Harry/Eggsy dynamic, only with women. And slightly less of the puppy dog eyes and bickering. Handwave some reason for Roxy and Victoria to work together - I can't stop thinking about how great they'd be. Smash my hardcore competence kink: fight scenes; Victoria teaching Roxy some tricks, or Roxy teaching Victoria some tricks; one of them saves the other's life by being in the right place at the right time when a job goes wrong. Bonding in a bar late at night about being exceptional women in a job that's still dominated by not always exceptional men, with more and more innuendo and flirty eyes over the top of wine glasses as the bottles empty. I love the idea of Victoria, this gorgeous clever sixty-something woman who fights like she's been born to it and takes no shit from the guys, as Roxy's mentor/hero/friend/goals, then more.


General Kingsman things I love for any pairing: I love all the silly spy gadgets, nothing can possibly be too ridiculous for me, so if you want to have fun with any of the daft spy tropes then please do! So much opportunity for voyeurism/exhibitionism with those glasses especially. Also descriptive fight scenes, and I have this insatiable clothing kink. Especially if you want to write smut, I'm 1000000% in favour of anything focused on dressing/undressing, makeovers, clothes as gifts, sharing clothes, makeover/pampering Pretty Woman type scenes, or lovely quality clothes getting completely wrecked by being ripped off or stained. Same goes for weapons kink (if you wanna write some revolting filth about sucking off a gun or whatever then yes send it this way please and thank you), and general competence kink. Someone watching someone else with swoony starry eyes as they do something really well without even seeming to try. Bottom Harry is always my preference for pairings involving him but I'm really not fussy, just mentioning it because it's still quite rare so if that's your thing as well then this is an excellent match :D (If any more Golden Circle details get released between now and the deadline, feel free to include those if you want. I'm not avoiding spoilers or whatever.)

Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin

I LOVE age differences in my OTPs and I love it being acknowledged more in a physical descriptive way than "oh noo I'm too old for this lovely young thing" type angst. My favourite thing with these two is where they don't really address the age difference, they just click and blithely get on with things, but I totally kink on all the age-related contrast: greying vs blond, experience vs new kid, different pop culture awareness, different physicalities, etc. Also banter! Their dialogue in the film is magical, I love that carrying over to them getting it on.

Merlin/Eggsy Unwin

I will never get enough responses to that "you come here and you whisper in my ear" line. I'm not particularly into a daddy kink thing for them but I did love how quickly Merlin seemed to feel sort of affectionate towards Eggsy in the film (and Roxy - the dropped mug!), and then them working together so neatly at the end was a total joy. Some kind of future agent/handler fic would be especially amazing (dirty talk/voyeurism/exhibitionism again if you want to write smut? Those glasses are seriously a gift for this sort of kink).

Harry Hart/Merlin

Harry/Eggsy was my ship for so long but I've slowly become hooked on the idea of Harry/Merlin. There are so many different ways it could go - friends for thirty years and then suddenly, desperately MORE after V-Day? Were they recruits at the same time fighting for the Galahad position? Several decades of happy casual friends with benefits? Obsessively in love? Did they get to know each other with Merlin in Harry's earpiece talking him through missions before they ever met in person? I have a huge thing for voices, conversations not face to face, people being able to read meanings in the way each other breathes, etc, so the agent/handler thing is always delightful to me.


This OT3 crept up on me and TOOK OVER MY LIFE. Usual preference is Harry/Merlin thirty years into an open relationship and Eggsy gets invited in, but I'm totally into any other setup you can think of - friends with benefits? Someone's been pining for years and it all explodes when Harry handwaves back into the others' lives after V-Day? Drunken/unexpected I'm-glad-you're-alive sex? A V-shaped relationship instead of a triangle? - maybe Harry and Eggsy are away on a joint mission and Merlin gets involved from home? Or they're all working in different places and sort of fall in love through late-night conversations? Happy with anything from the most swoony fluffy loving relationship to purely physical stress-relief fucking, whatever you prefer.

Original Work

Ballet Dancer/Choreographer

What I really love about ballet fic is a focus on the sort of symbiosis of creator/performer needed to make all these glorious things possible - a choreographer knowing a dancer so well that they can create something and know exactly how they'll bring it to life, which parts they'll have trouble with, exactly how to make the most of what they're best at, etc. And the physical difficulties of ballet... I would happily read a 1000 word intricately detailed description of a single leap or turn if that's what you wanted to write. No amount of intense dance jargon is too much if that's something you're into. Totally ok to ignore all the technical stuff too and just write a love story with pain and sweat and music and wild costumes (swoon). Anything from career-ending injury angst to blissful fluff would be amazing! And any gender for the characters, I have no preference there.

Female Truck Driver/Female Sex Worker

I actually have no idea what to prompt for this one, I just saw it in the tag set and my entire soul yelled YES PLEASE. Please no brutally murdered prostitute plot, but other than that I am open to anything! Hitch-hiking/road trip story? A longterm relationship (of a sort) where they only see each other once a year as the driver's passing through the stop? I have no idea, but I'm intrigued to see what might come of this.

Pre-Raphaelite Painter/Model

There are so many real stories about people like Rossetti banging the women he painted, I'd be kind of interested in the reverse of that: a Victorian lady painter employing some beautiful working class boy she finds in the street and having a torrid affair while she's painting him as Narcissus or whatever. All the messy class/social issues that might go with that. Are they in love or are they just using each other to get ahead? Male painter/female model also very welcome! Or m/m or f/f or whatever you're inspired to write. Bonus points for lots of loving lingering detail about brush strokes and blending colours, SWOON.

Paleontologist on another planet

Again, not entirely sure what to prompt here, but it's such a delicious premise for a story. Who is this paleontologist - a human who's travelled to another planet? A native of that planet, or from somewhere else completely? What discoveries do they make, and why are they looking? Are they part of a team sent on a field trip from some intergalactic university or research vessel? Eco protesters trying to save important artifacts or alien fossils or whatever from some big destructive corporation wanting to build on the land?

Still Crazy
Karen Knowles/Astrid Simms
Ray & Tony & Les & Beano
Ray Simms/Les Wickes

One of my all-time favourite films, partly because half of my family is from Wisbech and it's the least likely place in the world to have a rock festival :P and partly because it's one of those lovely British films like Billy Elliot that gets this perfect human balance between relationship comedy and agonising pathos without ever feeling like it's not honest. This band feels as real to me as any, I'm so stupidly invested in them all. Tell me more about them as youngsters back when they were successful, their fights, their alliances within the band, any rare moments of happiness between all the drama. Did any of them ever meet during the time they were broken up? Tell me about reunion tour shenanigans. If you want to write something shippy, I'm preeetty interested in Les and Ray's "complex karma". Angry rockstar hate sex YES PLEASE. Or Astrid's line: "You're a bloody nosy bitch, Karen, also a slut - I remember Isle of Wight." What happened there?! Astrid/Karen(/optional band members) groupie sex??

This is my comfort-film and it never fails to rescue a miserable day, so I'd rather not get fic that's just relentless angst, and please no Brian/Hughie, but anything else goes. My favourite thing about Still Crazy is this sense of (strong cheese alert) friendship overcoming bullshit, and the glorious airpunch ending, so anything matching that sort of hopeful modern fairytale tone would be perfect and wonderful and I would treasure it forever.

The Hunger - Whitley Streiber

Miriam Blaylock

Requesting this even though it's probably kind of a long shot... I just re-read it recently and remembered all over again how much I love this character and this particular take on vampire mythology and handwavey science. I only nominated Miriam, because I don't mind which of her lovers she's written with, or if they're not included at all. (OCs/crossovers also welcome if you want to put her with anybody else.) I don't really have any specific prompts in mind, I just want MORE of her at any point throughout history or the future - what she does, who she loves, who she loses, where she is while big world events are happening, a day in her life, more about her family, more about the science. Of her lovers, I'm especially drawn to Eumenes and Lollia so it would be great to see more of them, but really anything at all goes here - I just love Miriam so gd much but I don't think any fic exists at all, so anything about her would be gorgeous.

DNW: I have a massive horror of execution so please don't focus too much on that aspect if you're writing Lollia or Eumenes. Mentioning it is fine, and any level of brutal feeding/murder type violence is fine. It's very specifically execution that I have the problem with.

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