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Hello! I'm Deepdarkwaters on Ao3 and Tumblr and ambrotypes on Twitter for any recip-stalking needs.

Short version: I'm easy to please and happy to be completely surprised, as long as you don't include the couple of DNWs mentioned below. If you've got something in mind already then do it your way! These are just suggestions - I will honestly love anything about these people. Any rating is fine by me (if you want to write something with a higher rating, my yes list from the last Smut Swap tagset is here if that's helpful). Any tense, any POV, any length, just go with whatever you need to tell the story you want to tell. There's no style thing that's going to put me off from the start.

General fic loves: (probably not applicable to every fandom requested, but just so you've got an overview of some of the things I enjoy reading in whatever combination) worldbuilding/exploration of the canon world; dialogue; description (especially of hair, hands, and clothing); competence; petty arguments; unreliable narrators; misunderstandings; found families; really old comfy friendships; really old comfy friendships that accidentally/unexpectedly become more; clumsy inappropriate humour; backstories; melancholy; loonngg dragged out UST that feels like it'll never end and then ENDS GLORIOUSLY; awkward imperfect sex where everyone's still having the best time ever; physical fight scenes; ridiculous things played completely straight for comedy purposes; kissing; when penetrative sex isn't the only type considered 'real' sex.

Please no: noncon; anything to do with execution or hanging of any kind; AUs (except canon divergence); omegaverse; any kink that's not on my Smut Swap list.

Harry Hart | Galahad/Merlin/Gary "Eggsy" Unwin

I started off a dedicated Harry/Eggsy shipper just because I really like age differences, but the OT3 crept up on me and TOOK OVER MY LIFE. Usual preference is Harry/Merlin thirty years into an open relationship and Eggsy gets invited in, but I'm totally into any other setup you can think of - friends with benefits? Someone's been pining for years and it all explodes when Harry handwaves back into the others' lives after V-Day? Drunken/unexpected I'm-glad-you're-alive sex? A V-shaped relationship instead of a triangle? I love all the silly spy gadgets, nothing can possibly be too ridiculous for me, so if you want to have fun with any of the daft spy tropes then please do! So much opportunity for voyeurism/exhibitionism with those glasses especially - maybe Harry and Eggsy are away on a joint mission and Merlin gets involved from home? Or they're all working in different places and sort of fall in love through late-night conversations? Happy with anything from the most swoony fluffy loving relationship to purely physical stress-relief fucking, whatever you prefer. Bottom Harry is always my preference but I'm really not fussy, just mentioning it because it's still quite rare so if that's your thing as well then this is an excellent match :D Other fandom-specific things I really love: descriptive fight scenes, and anything at all to do with beautiful clothes. Clothes as gifts, people dressing and undressing each other, makeover/pampering Pretty Woman type scenes, or lovely quality clothes getting completely wrecked by being ripped off or stained.

Singin' in the Rain
Cosmo Brown/Don Lockwood/Kathy Selden

Don/Cosmo/Kathy was my first OT3! I love their friendship in the film, first how close Don and Cosmo are and then how easily Kathy fits in with them without any kind of jealousy drama. It all feels very sweet and natural, I love that about them. Have Don and Cosmo been lovers for a long time already? How does Kathy find out and what does she think about it? What happens the first time all of them sleep together? I'm a little bit obsessed with all sorts of classic Hollywood drama and the history/process of filmmaking back then, so any details of that sort would be a bonus treat. Costume fittings, two of them visiting the other on set, the three of them at home going over their lines and dance steps, anything. Does Kathy ever have children, and does that change anything in their relationship? Or maybe something set in the future - how is everything going thirty years down the line? What problems have they had? Or are they still as happy as they ever were? Or even if you want maybe a sort of meta/outside POV thing would be interesting. Years in the future are people discussing their relationship online? Does any of it ever become public knowledge or rumour while they're still alive or after their deaths?

The Secret Garden
Colin Craven/Mary Lennox/Dickon Sowerby

Mary/Dickon/Colin! Breezy bright summer days hiding out in the garden figuring out their enormous shifting feelings for each other as teenagers, YES PLEASE. Or woolly hats and dripping noses in the dead of winter, cuddling for warmth on the swing because they'd still rather be freezing half to death in their garden together than inside by the fire apart. Future fic? Them as adults, the war, what changes between them and what stays the same. Messy early 20th century class issues would probably be as much of a roadblock to them as the idea of two guys together or one woman with two lovers, so that's another possible angle for future fic. How would all the secrecy affect things between them as adults? They're used to sharing a secret, of course, but this particular secret? What about way in the future - are they still together in say their sixties or seventies, or has too much changed? Does the garden stay so special to them, or is it more of a fond childhood memory?

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