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Jul. 9th, 2016 01:10 pm
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Hello! I'm Deepdarkwaters on Ao3 and Tumblr and ambrotypes on Twitter for any recip-stalking needs.

Short version: I'm easy to please and happy to be completely surprised, as long as you don't include the couple of DNWs mentioned below. If you've got something in mind already then do it your way! These are just suggestions - I will honestly love any combination of fandoms and characters even if they're not mentioned. Any rating, any gender pairing if you want to write romance/smut.

General fic loves: (probably not applicable to every fandom requested, but just so you've got an overview of some of the things I enjoy reading in whatever combination) worldbuilding/exploration of the canon world; dialogue; description; competence; petty arguments; unreliable narrators; misunderstandings; found families; really old comfy friendships; really old comfy friendships that accidentally/unexpectedly become more; clumsy inappropriate humour; backstories; melancholy; loonngg dragged out UST that feels like it'll never end and then ENDS GLORIOUSLY; awkward imperfect sex where everyone's still having the best time ever; fight scenes; ridiculous things played completely straight for comedy purposes; kissing.

Please no: noncon or a/b/o.

James Bond (Movies), James Bond (Craig Movies), Kingsman

Kingsman/Bond: Harry Hart and James Bond = charming af, don't like being told what to do, look good in nice tailoring, fight like devils. They're so similar. I bet they fuckin hate each other. I'd love to see them having to work together for whatever reason and how they get on with that. Or something about always being in each other's way when different missions cross over in the same place at the same time. Squabbling about the best way to make a proper martini. Frenemies porn. Grudging respect. Anything. Harry's first mission was in 1981, so any Bond from For Your Eyes Only onward is fine by me (Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, Craig). I like the idea of pushy young upstart Harry interacting with one of the older Bonds, but also older Harry with Brosnan or Craig (my favourite) when they're more at the same level of experience. OR anything about Merlin and Q - friends? Vicious adversaries? Father and son working for rival agencies and making family Christmases slightly awkward?

Bond/Bond: The theory that "James Bond" is a codename passed from agent to agent to explain all the different faces is sort of tricky to work with practically (I've tried and failed), but a fun one to consider with a bit of handwaving of timelines etc. I love any kind of mentor and mentee (both / and & are great) relationship - if the name gets passed down when the last guy retires, is there any point when they meet? Or imagine Connery!Bond as some kind of supervisor or whatever sitting there all narrow-eyed and irritated while Craig!Bond blows shit up unnecessarily, forgetting he was exactly the same himself. I don't know. Really open to anything here, please have fun!

James Bond (Movies), James Bond (Craig Movies), RED

Bond/Bond: Women have had some pretty abysmal treatment throughout the franchise. I love what they're doing with Moneypenny finally - now I want all the previous ones to be properly fleshed out and actually given something more to do than be office decoration. She's got the RN rank Lieutenant, right? And sky high security clearance. She's obviously more than a swooning airhead who just daydreams about Bond all day. What is the Lois Maxwell or Caroline Bliss or Samantha Bond version of the character up to by the Skyfall/Spectre sort of era? Retired? Promoted? Doing something completely unrelated to the service? Samantha Bond Moneypenny worked so closely with Olivia M for so long, how does she take news of her death?

Bond/RED: I would sell my soul for Victoria Winslow/Olivia Mansfield at any point throughout their careers. Any rating, any setting, I just want competent brilliant MI6 women hopefully with bonus kissing. Have they known each other the whole time? It's plausible that Olivia started working there in the mid-50s and Victoria in the mid-60s going by the actors' ages - is that what happened, or did they start later? What was it like for them back then? Were they friends? Enemies? Victoria became a spy before Olivia became M - what was their relationship like then, and what changed when Olivia became Victoria's boss? Did she have anything to do with the orders to shoot Ivan?

Kingsman, RED, Spy

Kingsman/RED: I ship Harry/Victoria SO HARD. I can't explain why. It's partly the aesthetic Firth/Mirren perfection, I cannot lie, but the characters are both so effortlessly competent at everything they do and there's something so similar about their beautifully efficient fighting styles. Look at Harry in the church and Victoria shooting out of both car windows in Red 2. Imagine Kingsman & MI6 having to work together for whatever reason and the two of them team up, imagine what a spectacular fight that would be. Romance/smut-wise, I'm super into the age difference, and the idea of dom Victoria/adoring starry-eyed younger Harry if that appeals. Whether it's 20 year old Harry running like a puppy after 35 year old Victoria or they're 50 and 65, I don't mind, I've just become a bit obsessed with the idea of them together at any point in their lives being gorgeous and competent and enthusiastically into each other. First time? FWBs? Love? I don't mind, just more Victoria/Harry that I don't have to write myself, please!

RED/Spy: I don't really know specifically what to request, I just think Victoria and Susan need to be friends. Pretty sure Victoria wouldn't have a lot of patience with her at the beginning, but by the time she's swearing like a sailor and winning fights and telling cute guys to shove off so she can hang out with her friend? Definitely.

Kingsman/Spy: Harry Hart/Rick Ford is a crack ship my friend once suggested as a joke, but I've not been able to dig it out of my brain ever since. Harry was such a ridiculous peacock showing off in the pub fight for Eggsy, so I'm just hopelessly amused by the idea of him & Rick trying to one-up each other with their (figurative and possibly literal) dick-measuring. That whole "stupid shit played seriously" in Spy and parts of Kingsman is endlessly funny to me, so run with it as far as you like - nothing for this pairing will be too ridiculous or too cracky. OR how about Merlin and Susan as friends who offload to each other about the brilliant idiots they have to look after who think they know best and refuse to listen to simple instructions.

Harry Potter, James Bond (Craig Movies), Kingsman, Mission: Impossible, RED, Spy

If we've matched on two of the spy fandoms: Any kind of spy crossover! Working together, or getting in each other's way, or spy agencies at war with each other.

If we matched on Harry Potter and something else: a magical world/spy agency fusion would be so great. Either the spy characters as Aurors or Unspeakables working in the Ministry of Magic, or the spy canons as they are just with added magic wands. Animagus spies? Or the spies and the Aurors having to work together against some new magical threat to muggles.

Kingsman/Harry Potter: How did V-Day affect the magical world? There might be areas out of reach of the phone signals, but with so many muggle-born witches and wizards and (presumably?) more post-Voldemort mingling of the magical and muggle worlds, it's likely they were just as affected as anyone else. Did anyone find some magical way to block the signal? Did the rage + magic combo cause enough of a disaster to threaten magical/muggle relations?
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